Our Philosophy

All artist should in counter should reach real accomplishments in the music business if they are willing to put the hard work in to create the opportunities. Often a lot of next level artist stays neglected and unfamiliar to the music industry. Yet, they hear an artist on the radio that they feel are not on the same level as them, but that artist has the “label” behind them just pushing the music out regardless of the quality or the content.

While a non-mainstream artist can appreciate some accomplishment after some time, it’s relatively difficult to end up a noteworthy “A” level artist without the resources and attention from a major record label. Major record label deals are getting increasingly hard to get. So, most artists compelled to do everything as independents.
We are here to change that, by giving the artist the necessary tools to be successful, Creating and making opportunities, so their music can be heard throughout the world.

Our Mission
We are here to help all artist. Not just our signed artist, but also the independent artist. We offer the artist the necessary things they can do for themselves to be successful by offering “record label” resources, structured to help them at whatever point they are in their career.
We want our artist to learn the business, build up their art, advance and market their music, and create a revenue streams right now, That way they can get back to doing what they truly live for: Making good music and getting it heard throughout the world.

We believe strongly that every artist who is “record label ready” deserve to be heard by a major record label and considered for a deal.

We help artist design, develop and deploy strategies that give them every possible advantage so that they could be in a stronger position to negotiate and secure the very best deal possible.

All artists deserve fair compensation and transparency for their quality songs.

All artists deserve to have affordable access to music business education which most artist just give their rights and money away by being ignorant to their business.

We help the artist who is not yet “record label ready” the option of short-cutting the process significantly by being developed by a team of professional industry mentors without having to search far and wide, or risk being taken advantage of.

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